Sunshine and spring

I had been looking at modern block quilt-alongs, and the Summer Sampler blocks are particularly gorgeous. So when I had a baby quilt to make, I decided the Arkansas Traveller block would be good to try! I didn’t have a machine at that stage, so this was all to be done by hand. And it’s a good way to learn paper piecing.

First off, pick out the fabrics: greens and yellows! A bright combination, with yellow to form stars, and green to give contrast. The gum-leaf fabric is from my stash, originally bought in Canberra, but the rest were from a shopping trip to New Moon Fabrics in Pasadena. A huge and wonderful shop – a lot of their stock was down at a quilt festival on the other side of Los Angeles, but you couldn’t see where it had gone from their shelves. I might have to show a little of the rest of the fabric I got another time. This was the pile I auditioned on getting home:

I tied down the selection for the diamonds a little further from there…

(and no, I didn’t have a cutting mat. But paper piecing can hide all cutting imprecision!) Finally, the first of the four diamond blocks were hand-stitched together:

and then to add in the greens!

a conference or two later, and a fair bit of stitching…

one finished hand-stitched paper-pieced block!

It’s quite large, so I’m planning that another three should be enough to do the full quilt. Then the greens will form their own stars. The batiks make the block shades more into blue-green than I’d anticipated, but that’s part of the experimentation. And since finishing this, thanks to Freecycle, I have a machine, so the next blocks will come together much faster!
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  1. beautiful fabric choices! funny that you are thinking spring and we are thinking fall!

  2. Wow, that block is lovely… Such attention to detail! I’m coming over from Small Blog Meet, I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Hello! I’m popping over from the small blog meet. Your block is lovely, and congrats on scooping up a machine 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous block! And paper pieced. I`m not a huge fan of batiks but they look lovely in your block.

  5. I really like that block! I’m a big fan of mixing up all types of fabrics together. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  6. I love these colors. Its looking great so far 🙂

  7. Hi there, thanks for coming over and commenting! And yeah, I love my city (but I can hate it at the same time 😉 Glad you liked it here. Oh, and free motion quilting for the water lily sound great but before that happens I need to make the quilt, get a better/bigger sewing machine and need to learn FMQ first 😉 But you were not the first one to suggest that, so I will definitely consider it!

  8. The colours are lovely – nice and gentle, I’m so impressed that you undertook this all by hand – especially the cutting lol! Can’t wait to see the next stage


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