stash gardening with Auntie Cookie

After seeing this quilt at Film in the Fridge, I thought ‘ooo, Australian-based designer, I must take a look’. And then I saw that Auntie Cookie had a fabric shop. It called to me, this fabric. I resisted for a full week, and then relented.

A Choice Cuts set of five fabrics from Papercuts and Papercut Blooms. The pieces are an intermediate size: smaller than fat quarters, larger than charm squares. Slightly tricky!

I kept looking at this set, which I had already pulled from my stash, and wondering how they’d go at living together…let’s see:

As often with me, the story here may be “add more solids”…

Still hunting the best block to use for it. There’s not enough fabric for a big project, but a bag panel would be fine. I was thinking to perhaps try it with the Best Friend block from Cut to Pieces, as it needs something that would work well with the large pattern of the Auntie Cookie fabrics – any other suggestions?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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