Antipodean Christmas piecing

I liked the look of this half-square triangle block of Lily’s, and decided that with Christmas fabrics, it would make a good-size pot-stand quilt for a Christmas present – if I scaled up the block a little, as 12″ was a bit small. All well and good, except I had not discovered the magical world of rotary cutting. So I decided to cut the blocks approximately and trim down. I had a cm-only ruler, and the measurements were in inches. It asks for 2.5″ and 3″ blocks – that must be OK if I do 11-12 cm rough cuts. Surely it would all work out!

The (slightly aghast) face of a fellow quilter at work when I innocently discussed this plan made me go off to Lincroft and get a rotary cutter that very weekend…

Armed with cutter, set square and mat, things went together far more smoothly. Smoothly enough to get these little sewn-square strips within two days:

and then to a fully pressed and joined block of proper size the next day!

I betray my geology training: always include a scale measure in a photo. Though as the pen-for-scale gives away, this is Not A 12″ Block. I couldn’t bear to hack all those 36 squares down to 2.5″ HSTs, so I used 3.5″ as the standard size. That also works a little better with the scale of the prints.

Colour-wise, I wanted the prevailing colours of an Antipodean Christmas: bright greens, olive-gum-dusty-greens, with the more traditional hints of gold and red. My stash had all the appropriate patterned fabric, but was completely devoid of solids…perhaps more solids in the mix for next time. This came out looking positively traditional!

Time for quilting. The backing is a FQ of Blue-tongue Lizard: turned out a fat quarter was exactly the right size for backing this enlarged block.

I had been keeping in mind the Starflower FMQ design for use on a Christmas project, and so began my first effort at FMQ. I still had plenty of the nice golden-yellow thread I’d used to sew the block, so stayed with that.

The centre square and the corners each got a starflower, while the main design of the block is accentuated with stitch-kinda-in-the-ditch quilting:

Bound and ready to go!

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  1. Oh wow thank you so much for showing me that – you did a wonderful job and I agree, bigger is actually better with this block – I’ve made it in 4″ HSTs which was much more fun!

  2. Thanks! Cheers again for the block design.

  3. I really love your works. I love aussies printings on the fabrics. hugs


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