January is for new projects

I have begun New Things! The WIPs are at two, which surely means that I can start something(s) new 😉

I have joined Sunni‘s Stash Bee. This month in Hive One we are making trees for Sunni; mine is missing a few lines of stitching on the tree-trunk, and then will be done! Here is a sneak preview:

My birthday present arrived yesterday, and was waiting mysteriously when I arrived home:

and lo, here you can see it in the lower left. After some happy reading it led to fabrics being pulled, and a quilt of Stargazing blocks will begin shortly.

And I am doing Samelia’s Mum‘s Name Game swap. First time swap for me. We are to anonymously make mini quilts of the swappee’s name or blog name, and I have requested one for Piecing Light. So, dear swap partner, here is a colours Mosaic of Inspiration! Hope that it helps.

1. Aqua and Orange Quilting Bee, 2. T-Sunny Stars, 3. pincushion, 4. Beautiful Wall Quilt Made by Shevvy, 5. IMG_6807, 6. improv pouch!, 7. green stag quilt – detail, 8. Oceanic Supernova Full Frontal, 9. Blue and green zig zag quilt, 10. Sew & Bee Happy for Emma (take 2), 11. Zig Zag Quilt top complete, 12. 4 x 5 Modern Quilt Bee – third quarter blocks from Hive 12

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  1. I made a bunch of those stargazer blocks, they are so fun and yours are lovely. And thanks for including a couple of my photos in your mosaic, I hope you have fun with your swap.


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