Turquoise and aqua piece together

I started quilting the Stargazing quilt:
Basted stargazer

and ran into the awkwardness of turning and turning the whole thing. Even at lap-quilt size, it was surprisingly awkward when the stars are so pointy and so numerous. So it now waits for more enthusiasm.

In the meantime, I started a new project, inspired as attributed on Flickr: delightful rectangle/squares. Pretty easy: 3.5″ squares, 3.5″x7.5″ rectangles.
First, start with a few squares and rectangles...

But after I’d put this many together, it was too fun.
And it was a little bit small for the backing panel I had in mind, that is not going to be cut in any way. So it grew. And acquired more solids along the way. Along with that very pale turquoise Pearl Bracelet, which arrived from Bloomerie Fabrics and got cut up that evening. I think I’m now a Pearl Bracelet convert.
...sneakily, they grow
The first nine squares are now all pieced with white sashing. Three to go…hopefully tonight!

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