Stargazing: a finished sky

From its humble many-pieced beginnings all over my table in February: 

Stargazing has now grown into a fully-fledged quilt.
back and front of Stargazer
With a so-happy binding:
Stripy binding

and little hand-detailing:
perle cotton is wonderful
It rather likes the thought of keeping a lap warm, after having had its crinklification wash:
snuggly Stargazer
but it’s still all about the contrast.
back of Stargazer
Quite happy to hang out against a wall:
Finished Stargazer
The yellow back still lets the light shine through. Shine on, little Sun-lit stars.
glowing Stargazer

I discussed the fabrics here.

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations


Name Game swap

So one finished project that I haven’t shown here are the Name Game swap quilts. It was entirely Secret Squirrel the whole time. And now it may be revealed.
It started with a request for pinwheels, green, purple and dragonflies. I had never made pinwheels before… Fortunately, a perfect-palette charm pack had just arrived on my doorstep. Little did I know when I began that the recipient was also an aficionado of Kate Spain!
Swap choices
And lo, the mystery swap partner was happy. So pinwheels began to go together:
come to me, little pinwheels

and blanket stitch was learnt to hold down the applique of a name (yes the letters are very skinny):
Blanket stitch

and binding carefully attached, with hanging corners of more Good Fortune:

And amazingly, a whole mini quilt finished in time to head off to the US, where it has found a home with Angie, who to my delight was pleased with the finished article.
Finished name mini

The pinwheels are Bella Snow, Kate Spain Good Fortune, Pure Elements purple and teal, and Outfoxed purple jewels. The narrow frame around the central panel of near-white linen are Kona ice frappe and glacier, with tangerine for the name, a fussy-cut Good Fortune dragonfly appliqued, and the binding is Moda marble in purple.

And for my Name Game swap quilt, Jessica of Scrappy n Happy put together this rather perfect delight of my favourite colours:
Name Game quilt: in its home!
seen in its home among my scarves (it blended too perfectly to move it to the white wall just yet). Jessica also made a lovely card and a wrist strap, and popped in some little red binding clips. Super thoughtful.

(Stargazing is also finished! and ready for its reveal. Photos were taken this weekend, and it is now off to its new home).

The delights of Stargazing

I gave my machine a fair bit of TLC: cleaning, oiling, a new needle, and it is much happier. So Stargazing is now quilted!
once quiltedThere is one gap left in the negative space in the centre, as I decide what to do for the quilting there. I think as it is 12″ across, it will need quilting: or can I get away without it?

All the littlest stars are hand quilted, with a lovely hand-dyed perle cotton I had that matches perfectly to the overall palette of the stars:
perle cotton, my friend

sunset and perle cotton

and the back shows off the contrasting thread (which is stitch-in-the-ditch around the larger stars):

back of Stargazer

I think that’s about the correct level of wrinkly I could expect.

Sewed the binding on this weekend. Now to hand stitch it all down…

Lily's Quilts

And in honour of Fresh Sewing Day, a little mosaic from March. Slow but steady, this month…

1. Blanket stitch, 2. Finished name mini, 3. …sneakily, they grow, 4. once quilted, 5. sunset and perle cotton, 6. Back