The delights of Stargazing

I gave my machine a fair bit of TLC: cleaning, oiling, a new needle, and it is much happier. So Stargazing is now quilted!
once quiltedThere is one gap left in the negative space in the centre, as I decide what to do for the quilting there. I think as it is 12″ across, it will need quilting: or can I get away without it?

All the littlest stars are hand quilted, with a lovely hand-dyed perle cotton I had that matches perfectly to the overall palette of the stars:
perle cotton, my friend

sunset and perle cotton

and the back shows off the contrasting thread (which is stitch-in-the-ditch around the larger stars):

back of Stargazer

I think that’s about the correct level of wrinkly I could expect.

Sewed the binding on this weekend. Now to hand stitch it all down…

Lily's Quilts

And in honour of Fresh Sewing Day, a little mosaic from March. Slow but steady, this month…

1. Blanket stitch, 2. Finished name mini, 3. …sneakily, they grow, 4. once quilted, 5. sunset and perle cotton, 6. Back

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  1. Like your stargazing, especially the handquilting. One day I will start on one myself…

  2. The hand quilting is lovely and really makes those beautiful, little stars quite special. 🙂 I think that you might want to do some quilting inside that 12″ space just so that your top fabric won’t “float” away from your batting. Maybe you could take just a select few of those straight lines across the middle and have them converge in an interesting way? You could also quilt another star in the center as sort of a ghost image of the more colorful ones.

    • Thank you! I tried quilting ‘ghost’ stars (three of different sizes to echo the pieced stars) in the open area and it worked perfectly. Great idea. Much appreciated 🙂


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