work in progress: winter sunrise

I’ve squared all the blocks for the turquoise-delights quilt. They’re ready to be sashed and sewn together. Hopefully some time this week.

Last Monday, I pulled fabrics in a colour combination that has been begging to go together:
Fabrics for a winter sunrise

And inspired by the patchwork prism QAL, I made an equilateral triangle template that would take a 5″ charm square and got started. The further I go the less I am sure it will come out looking like a patchwork prism. Winter dawn, winter sunrise. I shall see where the fabric takes me. I am thinking a reverse applique silhouetted tree in dark brown/greys will cut nicely through the careful piecing. Less sure if this will come out lap-quilt-sized or end up a table-runner (which I had thought would be the next project). But it has great approval from the Design Assistant, who is very glad it will be staying to live with us.
Piecing a prism of a winter sunrise

Last Thursday was the first meeting of a tentatively-forming Canberra Modern Quilters group, organised by Jenny Bowker “under the wing” of Canberra Quilters. I was excited to see how it would go; plenty of attendees, though I think most were from Canberra Quilters already. A fun show-and-tell, and some good conversation afterwards; I’ll go again. The next meeting is in a month, so I should have at least one finish by then.

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