light to a sunrise {wip}

The pieces of winter dawn are now all cut, assembled and in an order I am happy with. It did take a while with layouts that had to evolve:
Too scattered Closer to working
Prism layout

(it is at this point that I gave up doing it on the floor and sacrificed a bit of batting to a temporary design wall).

and a diversion into Organising the Stash. Nice to get it all out of shoeboxes and little cardboard boxes into a place where I can see it more often. Takes half the unit; the rest is paperback books.

The Joy of Stash

But I wrangled winter sunrise into a manageable harmony eventually, and started sewing it together. Six rows pieced so far; five more to go. Bit worried about putting row to row, as making the points line up looks like it will be fiddly.

On the upside, my bee block for Stash Bee required points not to line up at all.
Stash Bee May

Onwards to June!

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for reading.

  2. I love how you’ve combined the solid and printed fabrics together :o)

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