turquoise delights has made it!

There have been many bits of slow progress in the last few weeks. For lo: a finish! I give to you: Turquoise delights.

Originally inspired by duzza bear’s version (below) of a Film in the Fridge quilt, I used the dimensions here: a number of 3.5″ square and 7.5″ x 3.5″ pieces, sashed with 1.5″ strips.
Rectangle cubed quilt

And so I began on Turquoise delights.
She started small and blocklike, inhabiting a corner of the carpet:
First, start with a few squares and rectangles...

then became sashed, little by little:
...sneakily, they grow

The idea for quilting turned out to be straightforward once the backing presented itself (yes this is going to a very small person):
I added the dolphins on the side mostly as their background colours were similar enough. Piece of string and water-soluble pen to get the lines for the quilting.
ETA: How to get the quilting effect:
1. Cut string long enough to go across all of quilt (roughly).
2. Tie string around pen securely-enough.
3. Hold string in centre of where the circles will be centred from. If the arcs are going to get larger than your armspan (nearly did for me on this size quilt!), tie string to a basting pin or similar. Don’t tie too permanently as it’s going to be adjusted a lot.
4. Gently get string taut at radius of desired circle. Draw arc on quilt, keeping pen vertical. If your pen doesn’t stay vertical, the line won’t stay consistent. Doesn’t have to be super-precise, but care helps.
5. Lengthen string – draw another arc. And another, and another…
6. Quilt along lines.
7. Voila! Orbit quilting.

A pile of binding followed:

And some embroidery for the recipient:
(I didn’t have quite the right needle for that diameter of embroidery floss, so I am glad she has a short name…)

Machine binding for a change (and durability), and all done. This photo after washing and resulting crinklification.
turquoise delights: orbits quilting

Off it will go to its new home this week!

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  1. That’s lovely! Did you use a pattern?

    • Thank you! Kinda; I have updated the post with the helpful information πŸ™‚ 3.5″ squares and 7.5″x3.5″ pieces, 1.5″ sashing. Then play with layout in each 11.5″ (finished) block.

      • That’s excellent, thanks! You did a really good job with it, both with picking fabrics and with playing with the layout to keep it varied. πŸ™‚

  2. Jamie lee

     /  December 4, 2012

    What a cute little quilt! Emma will love it!

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