sometimes small things make me happy

It has been a couple of weeks of a little progress on many things.

First, there was a very important finish:
Mug rug
This went to a beloved person’s birthday, and the mail service even got it there in time! It has standard batting in it, not insul-brite, but it will serve happily as a mug rug to insulate any cup of tea.
Mug rug and glass teapot

The second, is a new start. The wattle is beginning to come out, peeking in corners where it is warm and sunny:
So. Much. Yellow.
and so, in a little bit of holiday-time, I started cutting for a spring quilt. This one is just for us.
Fabric Stack
It made its way into being a large pile of 6.5″ squares, from my handy template, a standard 6.5″ square ruler. I think it will be an offset set of nested diamonds from HSTs in these colours and the white (which is more a Kona Snow), and will finish up to queen-bed size. The largest quilt I will ever have tried! But both of us are very happy with the design, so it is worth doing the extra work, I think.

And I have started making a laptop/messenger bag from the Ink and Spindle fabric. The fabric is all cut; just waiting on the fusible support-interfacing and thin foam to arrive (Lincroft was no help in the matter, so yay for small quilt shops with good webservice).

Other works in progress:
winter solstice – started quilting leaves, but they take ages without being able to free-motion (my machine it does not cooperate with FMQ). Something to take time over and not rush.